Temporary procedures until the site is updated


Due to the transition to the OJS 3.3 system, our platform is still under construction.

  • Consequently, all new submissions that include the documents "Author Statement", "Cover Letter" and "Manuscript" mentioned also in the "Submission > Procedures" section of our Journal, will need to be sent via e-mail to the address editor3@notulaebotanicae.ro.
  • Please also consult other sections of our website for more details regarding the requirements for successful submission.


  • For account-related issues (except new submissions mentioned above) please send an e-mail to support@notulaebotanicae.ro with your inquiry.


  • For account creation please submit your details via this form, your account will be created in 1-2 working days with the credentials provided. (WARNING: this is not an automated process, information will be verified and approved by the Journal Managers).

We would also like to remind you that it is highly recommended to avoid having multiple accounts on our platform since it will hinder and slow our editorial process if the same author contacts us from multiple accounts and e-mails. If you know you are in this situation expect an e-mail from the technical support team that will announce when your accounts will be merged. To prevent the automated merging of incorrect accounts you can always send an email to support@notulaebotanicae.ro and let them know in advance what accounts you have and which account is the primary one to keep.